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Client Testimonials

We pride ourselves in our long-term relationships. Here is why our clients love working with us!

Atoosa Vakili Attorney

"SG Creative Design has built and managed our website for the past six years. They have been able to meet the demands of our office with prompt, professional service. Web presence and search optimization are integral to our business' success and continued growth. SG Creative Design has been a reliable partner in ensuring that our web presence is strong and uninterrupted. I would highly recommend their services as they are professional and reliable."

Hassan Moradi AIAP Org. President

"We started to know Sogand and get familiar with her business and experience just shortly after being frustrated by several failed attempts in a row, over the last three years. At the time, we needed a membership website for our organization to smartly handle our needs. We already had several failed attempts by various experts in the field of web design because they realized that the tasks here are too sophisticated to be implemented in such a way that a regular and ordinary website is implemented. There are many packages, features and settings which need to be efficiently configured as the online and database activities within the organization. Currently, we have whatever we were looking for. Based on the feedbacks from the members of the organization as well as myself, we are confident that we have been lucky to meet Sogand. We believe she has made our life within the organization much easier than what we expected, BIG time."

Dale Guiducci Credit Services

"When I sat down with Hamed of SG Creative Design I recognized that, unlike other people in his industry I had worked with, he understood business. I outlined what I wanted to accomplish with a website and he built me exactly what I was looking for. I now get a significant amount of my business from my website. And, even though I’m a small company, I rank on Google amongst the largest companies in the country for important key words and phrases. SG Creative Design has returned to me the investment on my website several times over."

Jen Flyn Land Banker

"Just a few months ago we hired SG Creative Design to completely overhaul our website. We are extremely happy with the new, professional look and added features suggested by Hamed and his team. By working one on one with Hamed, we created key search words that direct traffic to our web and Facebook pages that we were unable to attract before. We are now ranking higher on Google searches because our blog postings are timely, relevant and address what the clients are searching for to solve their investment diversification needs. SG Creative Design continues to provide a wealth of expertise in marketing and SEO as well as creative advice that will impact our bottom line. Our website is working hard so we don't have to!"

Dwight Vallely Commercial Photographer / Producer

"Hamed and Sogand are my go to Marketing and Web Designers for projects that must reflect Excellence, Professionalism and Integrity of Creative Services. As a strategic partner, they have consistently not only achieved but exceeded objectives that have been given to them. Their Client skills are incredible, as they listen carefully to project objectives and perform the technical challenges of implementing ideas into reality… their proven understanding of Internet Traffic, Trends, SEO Optimization and Tracking are essential for maximum results in today’s competitive marketplace. Hamed and Sogand’s calm demeanor and patience bring confidence and peace to each Creative project, I highly recommend SG Creative Design to others, they will definitely take you to the next level in your Visual Messaging…"

Bert Levi Jeweler / Realtor

"We have been doing business with Sogand and Hamed for over 8 years, and have found them very knowledgeable with regards to website design and optimization. Additionally, they are very quick to respond with any questions or changes you may need. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a highly experienced SEO company to work with!"

Giti Kooshkani Fashion Designer

"As a designer, I’m very specific on choosing all my media with a special vision in mind. So when I met Sogand and we start working together on my website, I felt she was the perfect match to provide me with all the details I was looking for. She spent extra time to make sure everything looked great while making my site with me and she didn’t stop until all the details were perfect. Her sweet personality and willingness to help makes you to feel comfortable and happy to trust her on her work. She even went the extra mile and added some beautiful details to make the website more interesting and functional. I highly recommend her as a responsible, knowledgeable person with high standards, an excellent work ethic, and a sweet personality."

Mona Tashroudian, ESQ Attorney At Law

"I am so happy a friend of mine referred Hamed and his team for my firm's new website and logo redesign. From the moment we first spoke, I knew Hamed and Sogand would be a great fit for our needs. Hamed and Sogand are professional, talented and a great pleasure to work with. Working with them was easy and quick, and my firm truly appreciates the creativity and wonderful communication on their end, not to mention the spectacular end product. Thank you!"

Aaron Embry Professional Athlete and Coach

"At a time when it is hard to find people who are both knowledgeable and have a real commitment to customer service, I am very happy to have found Hamed and Sogand. They exceeded my expectations with the quality of work and service they provided…they are gold standard for how a business should be run. Together we laid out and built my website, and they offer services that help me maintain it, as well. They are prompt, professional and have great ideas. I couldn’t have asked for more!"

Jerry Bundren Aspiring Author

"I engaged the services of SG Creative Design toward the end of 2017 to help promote my book, 52 Letters To My Sons, and the new book I'm writing, Shopping With My Dad (and other Lessons Learned.) Both Sogand and Hamed provided great insights and encouragement throughout the process. With their assistance, I was finally able to revise the front and back covers of 52 Letters to produce the impact I desired, not only from a marketing perspective, but from the standpoint of what I truly wanted to convey about the book. And for that, I'm forever grateful! In fact, just that alone, the revision of the book cover for 52 Letters, was worth every penny I paid for their services. But they did so much more! Through their guidance and expertise, they patiently listened intently to understand what I desired to do with the books and how I wanted to market myself and the books in the most appropriate manner. The result was an incredible website that captured the true essence of what I wanted to impart. Although I ultimately decided to postpone the launch of the website, Sogand and Hamed provided stellar, professional services, along with an incredible amount of personal support and encouragement, that resulted in an exceptional product. They're a fantastic team, and one I can honestly recommend wholeheartedly! Again, I'm eternally grateful for their service, their encouragement, their support, and, most importantly, their friendship!"