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Website Design

I enjoyed building this ecommerce fashion website for my client to showcase her beautiful luxury collection. The website reflects her clothing line which is fresh, unique and stylish.


Client Testimonial

“As a designer, I’m very specific on choosing all my media with a special vision in mind. So when I met Sogand and we start working together on my website, I felt she was the perfect match to provide me with all the details I was looking for. She spent extra time to make sure everything looked great while making my site with me and she didn’t stop until all the details were perfect. Her sweet personality and willingness to help makes you to feel comfortable and happy to trust her on her work. She even went the extra mile and added some beautiful details to make the website more interesting and functional. I highly recommend her as a responsible, knowledgeable person with high standards, an excellent work ethic, and a sweet personality.”

Giti Kooshkani, Fashion Designer


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